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You can donate to Dancing To Eagle Spirit Society in many different ways:

By direct monetary donation: send a money order or cheque in a self address stamped envelope at our mailing address below

By donations of dry goods for the sweat lodge programs: wood, tools, material to maintain the lodge and change rooms

By Bequest or direct donation to our land endowment fund: We are setting up an account to put money aside for the  purchase land for future use and generations of Two Spirited People and their allies. A Place to nourish our spiritual Two Spirit Practice based in the Native American Traditions.

By donating service and time

Mailing address:

309-2326 Eton St.
Vancouver, BC

Tel: 604-291-2202 / Fax: 604-291-2006

Email and Tribal Council:

General Inquiries

Dancing to Eagle Spirit

Tribal Council

Chief -
Chief Dancing Two Eagle Spirit (Sandra Laframboise)

Vice-Chief & Webmaster -
Red Thunder Eagle Man (Dylan Richards)

Secretary/Registrar -
Singing Blue Moon Woman (Bonnie Richards)

Treasurer -
Three Medicine Horse (Lloyd Pritchard)

Member at Large -
Blue Fire Horse (Michael Caulkins)

Member at Large -
Rattle Dancer (Gordon Matchett)