Meet The Elders

Dancing Two Eagle Spirit

Also known as Sandra Laframboise, is an Algonquin/Cree-Métis person. Her father is Algonquin and her mother is Cree/French/Irish. Sandra is a young Two Spirit Spiritual leader who has been actively practicing in the Vancouver area for 17 years. Her ceremonial rites were received from Frank Supernault, a Cree Elder from Alberta, through the Pot Latch ceremonies. Sandra's broad experiences had brought her to lead ceremonies throughout North America and Continental Europe, most recently, leading a pipe ceremony within the circle at Stonehenge and lectures at Queens University of Belfast. Sandra believes in the regeneration of spirit through dance, and as such, has participated in the Sundance and also the Shoshone Naraya Dance. In her other life as a community health development Sandra has been an advocate since 1972 for the LGBT community. She has numerous published articles on transgendered issues and effecting changes through public policy committees in Canada.

Three Medicine Horse

Also known as Lloyd Pritchard, is a two-spirited person who is an adopted Métis and has been a Pipe Carrier since 1999.  He has led Sweat Lodge Ceremonies regularly.  In 2001 Lloyd started to dance the Naraya and continues this annually. 

Red Thunder Eagle

Red Thunder Eagle (Miskwaanimkii) is a Two-Spirit Anishinaabe who discovered the teachings of the drum and his elders many years after beginning to walk the Good Red Road. Working as a teacher and storyteller since 1998, he has sat at the side of many different elders from many mixed traditions. It is in this braided river of traditions that he has become a pipe carrier and lodge keeper for Two Spirt friends and allies in the greater Edmonton/Athabasca area.