The Medicine Of Songs

Sound is vibration and vibration is what each of us are at the atomic and subatomic level.

Matter is merely energy whose vibration has been slowed down, or crystallized. Although our bodies have mass, as beings of energy we vibrate in the infinite space of frequencies. The role of vibrational frequency in our lives cannot be overlooked.

In the last century physicists like Einstein formed the theory of relativity, Newton's theory of particle and recently Quantum theory of wave and particle duality. Einstein's theory of relativity proved to us that matter and energy are interchangeable.

When we use Energy Healing Techniques with individuals, we are working on various levels of energies.

The healing power of song as technique has been recognized by every sacred tradition around the world from ancient time throughout modern day healing, from the cradle of the earth where man is believed to have begun to all continents and nations.

In Native American cultures, songs were mostly created for tribal rituals and festivities such as rites of passage ceremonies, initiation rites, healings ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, and planting or hunting rituals. The songs could also be used to pass on ancient tribal history beliefs to other members of the community.  Usually the songs were chanted or sung in a tribal context to drums, rattles or other musical instruments.

To tribal singers, words could magically connect them with the supernatural forces in all of nature. The singers often project themselves into the future by "visualizing" the outcome they hoped to produce or by identifying with, for example, the rain cloud or the buffalo irresistibly attracted to the singer's powerful song-words.

In Native culture you can find a song for almost anything and any event.

The experience of music is multidimensional. Our ears, mind and upbringing tells us tune, text, rhythm and harmonies are important, and whether they please us or not. But we have other hearing which picks up subtle energies and vibrations which gives us quite another, more intuitive, experience. The vibration of the medicines in the soul and the tone of voice along with the words of the person who sings the song.

Whether someone is singing a show tune, a Christian song, a tribal chant or ancient healing songs of the Native Americans, we at Dancing To Eagle Spirit Society, recognize the medicine of songs from all Nations. In Ceremony, DTESS believe that the soul and spirit helpers of the individual singing the songs are manifested through their tones and vibrational soul voice. This is evident by the sacred healing witnessed through the expression of the individuals who have been touched by the songs.