Sacred Items


There is a belief that before the Creator made everyone, the universe was in darkness and the only sound was the sound that a shaker/rattle would make, that the sound of shaking seeds in a gourd is what guided the spirits, when one shakes a rattle, the spirits are attracted to the sound and are guided to the ceremony that is underway. We shake rattles to cleanse a room to chase bad spirits away by calling the good spirits in.


The drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, the heartbeat of life and our people. We live the first nine months of our life in the womb of our mother listening to her heartbeat which sets the pattern of our existence. We play these drums in ceremonies to bring in the spirit of Mother Earth. The drumstick which is used to beat the drum is called many things, some people say it is the Thunderbird coming, others call it the arm of the Creator who is breathing life into the ceremonies.


Eagle feathers are usually carried in a sacred bundle, however, different Nations use different feathers for all kinds of reasons. The Eagle Feather is the one who is closest to Creator because he can fly so high and he speaks for the people to the Creator. When you receive an Eagle Feather you have been given a very high honor and you must walk with such honor from that day forward.

Respecting and Honoring your Medicine Bundle

Some people display their sacred items on an altar in a special place in a main room of their home, others keep them in a bundle until they are ready to be used. Some leave their feathers or other objects out as they help calm the energy and ground people and/or the home. People feast their sacred items at least 4 times a year which follows the seasons, some feast their bundle every time they do a ceremony.