Become a Member - Join Our Circle

To become a member you need to apply and submit the membership fees via a money order addressed to the Society. Our membership fee is $20.00.

We recognize that some people who want to be members and can not afford full fees or can not afford to pay fees at all. Those members apply under the sliding scale fees and will be contacted either by the Secretary-Registrar or by the Chief.

Membership Application of the Dancing To Eagle Spirit Society

Name ______________________

Spirit Name if applicable ___________________

Address ___________________________

Telephone ________________________

Email ________________________

Nation ______________________

Optional questions: Please check which is appropirate

Two Spirited male

Two Spirited female

Two Spirited Trans person from mtf

Two Spirited Trans person from ftm



Married to a Two Spirited person

Fees enclosed

Full fees______ Sliding Scale fees_______(please explain) renewal fees___________