Four Directions Wedding Blessing

Blessed be this union with gifts of the East and of Air.
From the east you receive the gift of a new beginning with the rising of each morning Sun, the dawn wind breathing into you both open of heart and purity of mind and body.
May you know that each new day is an opportunity to grow in all you establish in this sacred moment.

Blessed be this union with gifts of the South and of Earth.
In the south we see the earth that will feed and enrich you,
helping you to build a stable home to which you may always return.
May you walk upon it with respect, that it may provide sustenance, fertility and security of being, sheltering you for all of your days upon it.

Blessed be this union with gifts of the West and of Water.
In the west we see the storm clouds and the oceans, the mystery of water teaching you the capacity to feel emotion through tears of sadness and of joy.
May you offer absolute trust to one another,
vowing to keep your hearts open and provide for each other in triumph and in strife, and travelling together into the deepest places one can travel to, trusting that everything will come together in Creator's Time.

Blessed be this union with gifts of the North and of Fire.
In the north we see the northern lights, teaching us the importance of energy, passion, creativity and the warmth of a loving home.
May you seek and share with one another the light that comes from the fire within, and may it guide you through the darkness; for there is no darkness without light and there is no light without darkness.

May the sun of grandfather bring you new happiness each day that you awake;
May the moon of grandmother softly restore you as you dream each night when you are asleep;
May the rain of our father the sky wash away your worries and the breeze of our brother the wind blow new strength into your being;
May you walk gently on our mother the earth and know its beauty before, beauty behind, beauty above, beauty below and beauty all around;
And may all the days of your life be blessed by the Great Spirit.

Blessed be this couple.

Written by:
Sandra Laframboise —Dancing Two Eagle Spirit & Butterfly Woman
Dylan Richards — Grandfather Two Raven & Wise Whispering Horse