Eagles Nest Market

Many people ask us if we sell native items such as medicines, rattles, regalia, art work, jewellery, etc. So we decided to create a section called Eagles Nest Market. The Eagles Nest Market is a place where we connect folks we know who pick medicines, make drums/rattles/jewellery and other things that are related to Aboriginal Spirituality and healing, with the folks who want to buy them. In that way we can provide support to those brothers and sisters with their work and promote part of our purpose of helping people with their spiritual journey.

Please contact us if you are interested in having your work linked here.

Michael Maser

~ beadworker, river rock pendants and other Aboriginal art work. Contact Michael at sabianmaser@outlook.com or 778-551-2730.

Sandra Laframboise

~ dream catchers/personal medicine bags or bundle medicine bags, beading of feather / drum sticks or other objects. Contact Sandra at twoeagle@telus.net.