Rite To Make Relatives - Native American Traditional Adoption Ceremonies

In this rite we establish a relationship on earth, which is a reflection of the true relationship that exists in the spirit world with Great Spirit/Creator. As we always love Great Spirit/Creator first, and before all else, so we should also love and establish closer relationships with our fellow men and woman.

He who is our Creator has established a relationship with my people, the Two Spirited of all Nations. It is our duty to make a rite, which should extend this relationship to the different people of all nations around the world. May that which we do here be an example to others.

Through this practice we establish a peace amongst people which is most important. That which comes from within the souls of men and woman when they realize their relationship and their oneness with the universe dwells within the center of all things. It is then that we realize true peace and can see a reflection of this within each of us.

Peace is that which is made between two individuals, and which is made between nations. Above all, there can never be peace between nations until it is first known that true peace is first, and foremost within the souls of men and woman, and ever present. In this sense, Native Americans have developed ceremonies for making relatives, where you receive a name and are made a relative with someone. During that time, men and women talk to you, telling you how important you are in the community. You are told that once you receive you new name, you will be given a special place in the community and that you will become a helper. You agree that no one in the community will ever be orphaned and that no one will ever go hungry. All these things normally are taught to you before you get your name. Other nations due things in different ways also. For instance, you can adopt a person  you see  has the same characteristics, personality, looks or nature as your own relatives. In ceremony you ask them to become part of your family. Then you take care of them as if they were true relatives.

There is normally in some traditions a time frame established where the Adopted family feasts the people and the adoptee does a give away to honor all those who supports and recognizes the adoption.

What ever the way of the adoption in Native Traditions we accept and recognize the rite to choose and make our relatives as we say "ALL MY RELATIONS".